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Wrinkle Relaxers

Botulinum Toxin, also known as Botox and Dysport, helps to relax muscle movement and smooth and prevent unwanted wrinkles (like brow furrows and crow's feet). Is it a toxin? Yes. Is it toxic? No. In short: these neuromodulators block the muscle's signals to the brain so they temporarily aren't able to move. Less movement equals fewer wrinkles and smoother skin.

price: $300.00 +

duration: 15 min

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Dysport Package


300 units — $5/unit


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As with any medical grade treatment, bruising can happen. Here are some tips to avoid potential bruising:

  • Drink lots of water in the days prior to your appointment.
  • Take arnica tablets two days before and after treatment. You can find these at most health food stores.
  • Avoid alcohol a day or two before your treatment (sorry!)
  • Avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oil, and Vitamin E for 10-14 days prior to treatment.
  • A few quick pricks and you’ll be good to go — in and out in no time.
  • Don’t worry if you see small bumps at injection sites — they will vanish within minutes of your treatment (ice helps with this!)
  • Don’t forget: full results can take as long as 2 weeks to appear.
  • We’ll send you home with some ice. Keep the ice on the area of treatment directly after your appointment, and continue icing throughout the next few hours (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off). This will help with any swelling that may occur.
  • If you want a facial, be sure to book it before injections, not after.
  • Try to limit bending forward or doing strenuous exercise for 24 hours after your treatment.
  • If possible, avoid lying down for 6-8 hours after injections.
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses after treatment to protect your skin and limit squinting.


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