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Just Dermaplaning

A light manual exfoliation, this treatment removes peach fuzz, exfoliates skin, and allows for deeper penetration of skincare products.

price: $175.00

duration: 30 min

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Series of 4


Price per treatment


For best results, we recommend getting this treatment monthly.


  • Please refrain from exfoliating for 3-4 days prior to your appointment (this includes topical prescriptions, scrubs, Retinol, AHA's and BHA's) to maximize your treatment efficacy.
  • Come ready to relax! Your esthetician will take care of the rest.
  • You’ll be led to one of our luxurious treatment rooms where you can prepare for your facial. Make yourself at home!
  • With a medical-grade razor, your aesthetician will graze over every inch of your face to exfoliate the top layer of your skin and remove peach fuzz hair.
  • This painless procedure is quick, easy, and preps your skin for products to penetrate deeper and makeup to sit better.
  • You may have heightened sensitivity to the sun and any active ingredients in skincare products, so we recommend refraining from using any exfoliants for two days after your treatment.
  • Make sure to use a clean pillowcase the night after your appointment (no bacteria here!).
  • Stick with any skincare recommendations your aesthetician may have given you, and of course, make sure to apply sunscreen daily to keep your skin protected.


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